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Abstract Travels

Your one-stop shop for unconventional travel tips and tales from the fascinatingly bizarre parts of the world!

Embark On An Adventure Of Oddities

At Abstract Travels, we strive to uncover the weird, wondrous, and obscure hidden gems scattered across this strange planet. Come along as we transport you off the predictable path with unexpected delights lurking in every destination!

Off The Tourism Grid: Secret Spots Revealed

About Us

This website exists for offbeat travelers and adventure-seekers who think a holiday just isn’t a holiday without at least 3 quirky misadventures. Here, you’ll find the hidden gems – the places, activities, and bits of local culture that often slip below the radar of mainstream tourism. We’re talking bone churches of Europe, gnome reserves of Argentina, fake towns hiding who-knows-what conspiracies, and so much more!

Where Hip Happens Off The Beaten Track

Say no to tourist traps and overrated attractions! We’re venturing into underground scenes, local secrets, and the road less traveled as to where the REAL culture and adventure is happening.

Offbeat Awesomeness From Underrated Destinations

Hidden gems are our specialty! Come discover enchanting secrets in overlooked locales that will have you wondering why they aren’t on more top destination lists! First stop: the always overlooked Ohio’s Mustard Museum…

Venture Forth, Explorer!

The open road calls with a kaleidoscope of magical moments and crazy encounters awaiting. Are you bold and whimsical enough to answer? New adventures here lie beyond imagination’s reach! So pack those bags already – this rollercoaster ride of unusual discoveries isn’t riding itself!

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